CrossCountry Mortgage

Craig Montgomery

Craig Montgomery is a 26-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry and is currently the Chief Production Officer at CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC overseeing the 700 plus branches of CCM across the United States. Craig also leads the CrossCountry Mortgage Recruiting Team which has contributed significantly to the growth of CrossCountry Mortgage LLC. Craig started his career as an Originator and within 6 months he was recognized as a top performing originator. Craig has also been recognized for his expertise in sales training, coaching, leadership, public speaking, and team building. Craig is a natural born leader who believes that communication and transparency are the keys to success.

Notable Accomplishments

Father To Three Amazing Children

Creator Of The CrossCountry Mortgage Sales Clinic

Creator Of The Affinity Lending Platform At CrossCountry Mortgage

Creator of the “Discover The CCM Difference” Recruiting Webinar

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