NEO Home Loans

Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant, co-creator of NEO Home Loans, has been a pioneer in changing the mortgage industry. For the last 17+ years, he has led an outstanding team of mortgage professionals in transforming the way consumers look at their mortgage lending relationship by providing a level of value and a commitment to their clients that is not common in the mortgage business.

Ryan has been among the top 25 mortgage professionals in the country and was the #1 lender in Orange County, CA for many years. Along with being a co-founder of one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies, he is also a co-founder of the industry-changing platform Art of Homeownership and Triibe Coaching for real estate and mortgage professionals.

Ryan is passionate about guiding as many people to financial literacy through homeownership as possible. That same passion has been one of the reasons that Ryan is such a sought-after speaker in the mortgage business, speaking at many of the real estate and mortgage industry’s largest conferences and events.

Ryan believes that by helping enough people, the average consumer will start to demand more from their real estate and mortgage professional and both industries will start to elevate their value and be more inspired by the work they do.

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