The Most Entertaining LIVE Event in the Mortgage Industry

Join celebrities, comedians, rock stars and inspirational performers for the most impactful event in the mortgage industry.

As a successful mortgage originator, you’ve proven that you have the ability to transform your vision into reality. Yet as many mortgage originators become successful, they reach a stage where it becomes increasingly difficult to move to the next level.

We developed Mastermind 2021 to give you the recourses and inspiration to make quantum leaps in your results. Designed for successful, experienced Mortgage Originators, Managers and Executives, the premier live event provides what is needed to break through to the next level.

Mastermind 2021 is in Las Vegas on November 17-18

Our Live Performers have included Jay Leno, George W. Bush, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Barry Habib, Steven Marshall and Broadway’s Rock of Ages Band.

Jay Leno
Tonight Show Host
Jay LenoTonight Show Host
Earvin “Magic” Johnson
NBA Legend
Earvin “Magic” JohnsonNBA Legend
George W. Bush
43rd President of the United States
George W. Bush43rd President of the United States
Tony Robbins
#1 Best-Selling Author
Tony Robbins#1 Best-Selling Author
Darren Hardy
Success Mentor
Darren HardySuccess Mentor
Barry Habib
MBS Highway
Barry HabibMBS Highway
Steven Marshall
Mastermind Summit
Steven MarshallMastermind Summit
Constantine Maroulis
Rock of Ages
Constantine MaroulisRock of Ages
Mastermind 2021 Ticket
  • General admission to Mastermind 2021 on November 17-18, 2021
Event pricing $699
Early Bird $499
  • MVP admission to Mastermind 2021 on November 17-18, 2021
  • FREE Mastermind 2021 Digital Recording
  • Priority Seating
Event pricing $799
Early Bird $599
  • VIP admission to Mastermind 2021 on November 17-18, 2021
  • FREE Mastermind 2021 Digital Recording
  • Best seating available
Event pricing $899
Early Bird $699
Corporate Discounts of Up to 50% Off Email for details

What People Are Saying About the Mastermind Summit

- Brenda Heller
Awesome - took in lots of strong information
- Joseph Amato
Very powerful. If you missed it, you missed out!
- Dylan Kramer
Wow - A Must Have Experience to Learn from the best
- Dean Mlinarich
Love it all! Very powerful! Everyone was amazing!
- Sherri Kirk
You didn't go? What....are you crazy??? If you didn't make it you missed the best tools available to help you grow your business. In this business if you aren't moving forward, you are moving backward.
- Randy McMullin
- Rosemary Jennings
its hard to describe...they should have been there!!!
- Raphael Bangiyev
EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Robbins is amazing Brian Buffini is amazing
- Maribel Vega
- Heather Creveling
The best event ever! I have been to many seminars and this was without a doubt the most amazing. I wish I was still there. I cant wait for the next one. It would be ideal to be with all of them all the time. I thank them from the bottom of my heart and soul for catapulting me to the next level.
Beyond belief and amazing!!
- Katie White
opens up your eyes to what your not doing and what your not doing for operations to be the Best you can be for yourself and your clients
- Thad Skidmore
Out of the box! Better then I ever dreamed
- Isaac Weiser
Tremendous value. Insightful and instructional on how to improve and increase business. Worth many times over the expense.
- Brian Shannon
I got what I came for...PUMPED up to increase my biz by implementing the ideas discussed. I am also going to sign up with one of the coaching companies.
- Addy Jolly
It was a terrific event. Very motivating and gives you a kick in the pants to get off your butt and actually do the simple things to make it happen. It's not rocket science!
- Clinton Gaylord
This is a must go to event. it was amazing
- Sean Safholm
Loved Tony Robbins.. thought he was amazing..
- Marietta Williams
Great, motivating event with lots of ideas, inspiration, and reminders of what we already know to step it up to the next level.
- Margaret Vallejos
Game Changing....
- Kim Hedrick
Unbelievable advice and strategies
- Joseph Pytcher
If you want to take your life to the next level, this event is for you
- Keith Wimberly
incredibly motivating and inspirational
- Josephine Martinez
Probably the best of it's kind in the industry
- Mark Junod
An event not to be missed with real action steps to make a better business not just a cheering session that wears off in a week.
- Joe Feinhandler
If you weren't there, your probably not in the business. It was like standing in front of a fire hose of information.
- Kyle George
One of the best events of your lifetime... don't miss it!
- Steve White
Awesome - Rejuvination !!! Alot of good resources - Could we please get the slide presentations from the presentors?
- Brenda Vogelaar
A must see event that will get you excited about the business again
- Jeremy Ball
- Laura Engen
Amazing speakers - diverse and real life strategies - need to go!
- Valerie Tao
An excellent event where you can actually see and talk to and get info from TOP Producers. This shows you that they are just "normal people" who can achieve tremendous results by sticking to a plan.
- Rick Kesseler
In one word...Incredible!
- Chris Planto
Extremely motivating and worth EVERY penny!
- Jarrod Doty
Life changing event (if you implement of course!). Great speakers, good energy.
- Greg Lartilleux
An Incredible event you can't afford to miss!
- Alyssia Sturm
Amazing Experience A Must Go!!!!
- Martin Lopez
Absolutely wonderful. It put a whole new perspective on my business
- Kimberly Moffat
This event will help you see where you are on the right track, agree to implement and push through areas of your business that MUST grow!
- Annette Ardilla Turner
Incredibly inspiring, something to inspire a quantum leap in your business
- Carol Zink
excellent experience overall!
- Kim Lanagan
excellent! ken deleon was the best!
- Austin Wilde
valuable kick in the butt. proven, implementable steps to increase business for rewarding monetary and personal relationship future. common thread of information throughout all speakers at conference. LOVED the conference, and speakers. thank you for organizing the event.
- Laurie Gardner
extremely motivational, focused on getting back to the basics. I am ready to take my business to the next level!
- Enid Adinolfi
very valuable
- Nadia Kohlwey
Stimulating and educational.
- Shelly Burkholder
A must attend event!
- Randy Watkins
Great experience
- Ian Farrison
Good to get you reenergized and excited to try some new tools or methods to improve your business.
- Jennifer Routh
A place to learn new ideas and rebuild your business
- Joshua Price
Fantastic experience - incredible information.
- Lauri Skagen
I great way to refocus on your business and get back to basics
- Ronald Erdmann
Great event and it is something that you have to make it next year!
- Vince Mele
It was great to get pumped up about growing your business in the next year.
- Denise Beatty
A Great experience
- David Goldberg
great time with lots of good energy and speakers
- Mark Chaffee
Amazing, Enlightening and Refreshing
- Sam Hagen
An opportunity to listen to the best in the business
- James Ruth
An excellent experience
- Josh Garcia
great way to pick up some new ideas but mostly psych yourslef up to do the things you already know
- Daniel Soffer
event chalk full of ideas of people where I want to be
- Kent Montavon
Highly motivational
- Robert Chomentowski
drinking off a firehose. But you come away with value things you had not heard before and they can change your business if you invest in it.
- Bryan Connatser
great event with industry pioneers and huge producers willing to share their best practices for success
- Larry Wisher
Lots of energy. Great connections
- Grant Bomsta
the opportunity to see other options for coaching and marketing
- Sarah Norgaard
It was amazing.
- Steve Cohen
it was a good motivating event
- Steven Byer
- Ari Brody
Solid brainstorming and motivation seminar.
- Jason Gordon
- Joseph Lee
Must attend event.
- Christopher Dritz
Excellent content, game changer
- Christian Babcock
Great event to motivate you, learn from the best in the industry, and take away a few things that will grow your business.
- Michael Brandt
A Must Go
- Joyce Boyer
Intense sessions with lots of ideas...
- Milton Birdwell
powerful, motivating
- Andrew Paulson
provided some useful tools for business growth, and sales motivation
- Jennifer Landrus
amazing , eye opening
- Mark Kahn
- Todd Iles
Any time I can walk away with two or three new ideas i feel it was worth it. I have four items.
- Don Ticinovich
the event you must attend. this will change your career.
- Gaspare Manuele
Very informative but I could be shorter.
- Jay Armbruster
Mind opening
- Joseph Procopio
Awesome Event!
- Al Shapiro
Worth attending
- William Anastopoulos
Experts giving great advice
- Jim Blatt
Great motivation/coaching to help grow your business.
- Elizabeth Allen
An amazing group of people who will help you open your thought process to grow your business and thrive
- Brandon Rearick
- Maura McDonnell
It was a great experience with lots of great information. The best info came from the best presenters (Ruby, Robbins, Frost) Some important nuggets were extracted from everyone else. Rene Rodriguez was the most underrated speaker there. I definitely wanted more Rene. I also describe it to cohorts that it is FOR US. Although products were there, and also a subscription potential with the MAX GROWTH SUMMIT - I think Marshall did a perfect job in making the entire conference FOR US! I didn't sense an ulterior motive or anything except - Make us better and I really appreciated that. I felt I grew a lot from the diverse information provided.
- Tyler Cathey
Very informative
- Adam Reuter
A great opportunity to get "revved-up" and learn what is happening in our industry. Great tips for increasing business.
- Monique Peace
Amazing and worth the investment in yourself!
- Christopher Gonzalez
- Mehdi Amini
Great place to review industry tools.
- Mary Lombardo
Education is powerful and just as any other professional in the industry goes to learn about there profession. Doctors learn about new drugs, CPA's go to conference about tax laws etc. We should always be doing something to surround ourselves with the best and this is it. Great job
- Russell Kesterson
Interesting and informative
- Matt Grant
Must make the event next year
- Robert Lipston
Great experience. Filled with many good advices and motivational to take you to the next level!
- Karin Aguilar
- Sean Lyon
great value, time and effort well spent
- Sean Hennessey
The place to be to learn what it takes to grow your business and hit the ground running.
- Lindsay Timmons
Pretty good
- James Carpeneti IV
interesting took away some good ideas/concepts
- Jason Diez
Vigorating. A shot in the arm. Time to learn and sharpen the saw. Now time to implement
- Cheryl Kuck
- Joy Ziminskas
Idea-filled. Practical!
- Roy Dunn
energetic. If I can implement 1/10th of what I learned, i will skyrocket
- Charlie Gamper
exciting, fun and helpful
- Brian Griffith
Necessary if you want to grow your business
- Lois Kenney
You can't miss it.
- Brandy Evans
as a great opportunity to learn strategies to grow your business
- Pam Beattie
It was worth going to.
- Elly Krieger
Fun! Great info & strategies/advice
- Sokhea Ean
Great ideas to run a profitable and mane affable business
- Carrie Diaz
great way to get new idea, or refresh the good old ideas. A way to inspire yourself
- Mary Palmer
very good- lots of information in a short period of time..motivating
- Nick DelTorto
Informative. Fun. Worth it. While I would rate some speakers higher than others, every speaker had some unique method or idea to contribute.
- John Scarzella
an event that you absolutely must attend
- Lane Albert
Great ideas
- Chris Lambson
Pinnacle of industry thought leaders and elite producers
- John Vallejos
Good event
- Brian Kimball
Invigorating. A lot of information! Everything does not work for everybody but something will work for everyone. Take from it what you need.
- Dawn Cychner
Motivational focused. Heavy on entertainment and the coaching aspect of the business. Felt I was being "marketed to vs. learning from".
- Steve Smith
Though provoking.
- Shane Levine
Wealth of knowledge
- Lisa Hook
Very motivating with something very every business model.
- Jane Porto
- Ric Harter
- Bryan Dyer
a must see event that will help you grow your business
- Suzanne Caldeira
An opportunity to re-focus and update current marketing efforts to borrowers and referral partners.
- Debbie Benkert
- Carmen Konen
- David Averell
A great source for a recharge, idea generation, and motivation
- Charles Edington
Must attend if you have ambitioius personal growth goals.
- Mike Pankey
- Linda Ferrell
A great thing to go to if you are considering signing up for someone's coaching or mentoring plan. You get it all at one place and can choose after you have seen them all. A great informational gathering of the great people in the industry.
- Scott McCarthy
One of the best two and a half days I have spent.
- Lee Gill
A must go in order to stay on top of your competition by learning from the best of the best that are already proven professionals. Steven puts on a great event that is not just informative but a ton of fun as well. My entire team will be back again next year!
- Don Goettling
Great coaching/training sessions
- Noah Solis
Learn from the best.
- Wendell Lewis
Terrific motivational event
- Peter Grabel
As a team-building summit
- Michael Hays
informative and motivating!
- Tony Hanson
the largest congregation of big producer that there is in our business
- Jeff Davis
This is something you shouldn't miss even if you only attend once in your life. Great information and very motivational.
- Elizabeth Lauziere
very productive
- Ken Venick
- Todd Pede
thought provoking and educational
- Jeff Potts
Excellent, and worth attending.
- Peter Thompson
Good tool sharpening sessions- solid take aways
- Scott Noakes
- Michael Dunsky
Very good, Motivating
- David McDonnell
Amazing stuff. Worth the trip.
- Sara Hernandez
Really great! Go to it.
- Catherine Rixey
It was enlightening and motivational.
- Matt Haertel
Great talks with lots of meaty information. I skipped all pools and most meals so that I wouldn't miss info. Took 30 pages of notes that were only things I thought can be implemented right now. Excellent material.
- Barbara Layden
It was a very good motivational convention with strategies that you can put into play. AlsoI really liked seeing what people are using now to get successful.
- Michelle Moore Shaman
A good mid year shot of adrenaline.
- Matthew Cady
Exactly what we needed to hear over and over again
- Kevin Hall
- Dan Mabey
Great informaiton. Great energy. The best of the beset.
- Chad Lubben
Eye opening!
- Andrew Bellah
- Lyn Bankowski
A new start to your career. I've been in the business since 2004...this was an opportunity to "wake up" and start the new business plan.
- Jeff Penna
Got to go
- Paul Root
Tony Robbins is worth the price of admission and learned a few key ideas to implement.
- Ken Louks
- Justin Brown
Worth every penny!
- Amy Battin
Inspirational. Motivating.
- Mark Massa
Very useful
- Vickie Johnson
Great conference and learning experience.
- Jeff Richards
Great event
- Michell Swanson
A good way to learn from other's success.
- Brian Weide
well worth their time and money.
- Nancy Smith
- Kris Nelson
- John Engvall
An event that gets you back to basics and refocuses you.
- Audel Avila
an incredible amount of good information and good energy packed into 2 days. NOTE: It was much better organized this year even with the injury in the very start. The time was critical and you nailed it Steven.
- Hans Bruhner
don't miss it!
- Bryan Johnson
Fun and educational!
- Terry Kilakos
An amazing event that gives you the opportunity to perfect your craft
- Steve Romero
Life Changing
- Kohlter Bent
awesome, a must go event
- Uyen Nguyen
Well worth the investment. Can't miss
- Robert Mahaffey
Great content!
- Kelly Zitlow
well worth it.
- Sean Grovier
A great opportunity to learn from people that have done it. Success leaves clues!
- Peter Schwartz
Gotta go next year
- Troy Vares
Great motivational tool to get re-energized and re-focused
- Paul Johnson
Must go event
- Michael Scialabba
great content
- Chuck Silverston
it was very eye opening as far illustrating what I have NOT been doing correctly
- Wayne Olson
a wealth of knowledge in one room
- Paul Dean
Vet good
- Steve Canto
Good place go get ideas to improve you business
- Joe Lavillie
- Matt Eldering
It is a smorgasbord of information that you cannot walk away from empty.
- Dave Moore
Where you learn the best practices from the best producers and have a good time doing it
- Marty Preston
Must attend
- Dave Brown
- James Iley
If you take your profession seriously, you absolutely must attend.
- Rick Benitez
Must see
- Jon Sweet
- Brad Schenck
great event for motivation and content
- James Mitzel
it was good and you learn alot about things that you can use
- Steven Bakst
excellent new ideas
- Michael Hummel
Fantastic experience and very motivtional
- Victoria Lacey
An all inclusive insights to the top producers and coaches of our industry.
- Nick Turchi
very long summit, with a lot of succsesfull people on how your business can be run in the furture.
- Aiman Abozeid
- Tonya Suggs
Eye opening and inspiring
- Bob Cialone
A must attend if you aspire to be a high perfomer
- Eddie Reed
Amazing event well worth the time away from the office, next year I plan on bringing my entire origination team. Kudo's to you Mr. Marshall, you exceeded my expectations.
- Chrisa Ammon
A great motivating experience!
- Brian Morrison
very intense
- Rob Colvin
well worth it
- Trevor Gates
A plethora of motivational learning experience
- Dave Cotner
Christopher Randall
- Great ideas
Powerful and motivational
- Wendy Taylor
Well worth their while to attend
- Jeff Stempler
Fast paced, full of information, great learning experience
- Kip Warzon
Lots of vital content; a good use of time and money.
- Earl McCoubrey
Great event. It's nice to sit back and think about your business outside of the typical day to day chaos.
- John Barlow
Great experience. Very motavating
- Jeffrey Rice
Worth the time to go. Very informative and motivating
- Adeline Johnson
Refreshing, great speakers, great location and industry needed
- Fred Arnold
It was worth it just for Tony Robbins. Also, I am always looking to get at least one game changing idea I can implement right away which I did!
- Josh Bayles
That it's a great event to get motivated and help breathe new life into your business.
- Dawn Emerson
A group of high producers giving ideas on how to grow your business
- Lee Veira
It was an energizing event. It helped to recapture the love of the business for me. It has motivated me back into action.
- Tiffany Andreae
The event provided excellent stagies to increase your business.
- Ernest Losch
Fantastic event, great way to get excited about the business again!
- Scott Evans
It was very motivating experience. You need to get into that vibe every quarter or so to keep your momentum.
- Alisa York
Great and very beneficial
- Lynn Calles
It was a great time to learn so much
- Mark David
Very informative as well as motivational
- Jed Gibson
It was a phenominal event that you have to go to in order to capture all the value it provided! I absolutly enjoyed Tony Robbins!!! OMG! he was incredible!!
- Patricia Barrett
Great ideas and best practices. I got out of it to believe in myself and do the work.
- Carol Benge
A great reality check on what the hell I'm supposed to be doing.
- Rick Slaughter
As a place to pick up small ideas for change that can set your entire business on a different trajectory.
- Michael Creed
Lots of good tactics and a few great principals
- Thomas Elerding
Great, power-packed event! Lots of great information from industry professionals.
- Melanie Pysden
worth the time and money
- Brian Dean
A must see.
- Lance Morgan
A great opportunity to learn from the best and grow your business
- Daniel Longman
Good information, getting back to the basics of marketing, Speakers that are willing to show your their plan of success.
- Harry Firestone Jr.
I would say it was an amazing and worthwhile 3 days that focuses not only on business growth but also personal growth.
- Dan Kaminski
a must
- Babak Moghaddam
it is informative for our longevity
- Susan Perez
Very helpful with great ideas
- Josette Kuehl
Great connections, good sharing of ideas. A must attend event.
- Todd Bookspan
Freaking awesome and great place to get a boost on your business
- Jeff Davis
An intense, fun, business minded conference. You will receive too many ideas to implement, however, all it takes is one of them.
- John Casamiquela
It was a wealth of information and a big motivator.
- Jan Parsons
The Tony Robbins piece was amazing
- Ruben Urquijo
Motivating and full of excellent ideas to implement into your own business
- Dawn Schaan
Great motivation and a lot of info.
- Jon Wagher
Great event, highly recommend it.
- Dana Peterson
An opportunity to learn from some of the best in our industry.
- Melissa Langdale
Intense, powerful, focused content to help take your business to the next level.
- Wayde Nakasone
Definitely worth the trip.
- Kevin Katerndahl
informative and energizing
- Debbie Havens
Great information. Great energy. Excellent investment of money and time for working "on" your business.
- Mark Schulenburg
You cannot afford not to go. You future career depends on it!
- Jamie Nummer
- Jon Powers
Very Valuable and worthwhile. A wealth of information to implement, and lots of great tools.
- David Henry
A boost of energy in the business.
- Debra Hartman
Interesting and you can learn from being there.
- Howard Whitman
an event that helps refresh the mind and the mind's focus on your business, tools from the experts on how to better your business and production and to re-focus on your goals. It also helps forecast (Yay to Barry H.) what the business focus should be for the next couple of years and that is integral to proper business planning.
- Lorrine Otte
Great investment in yourself and your business.
- Linda Costello
- Rebecaa Bergquist
Informative. Inspirational. Big picture view of things.
- Dean Harrington
Informative, motivational, great way to get back on track.
- Jennifer Abke
Lot's of great speakers and good information
- Linda Buchanan
- Yael Ishakis
An awesome MUST attend event.
- Chantry Abbott
Very informative, thought provoking.
- Janelle Ligons
Great experience and well worth the money and time invested
- Rob Owen
Great conference that not only motivates but inspires you to acheive more than you previously could have imagined.
- Cash Bride
A great place to measure your success and learn multiple strategies to increase it
- Bill Phillips
Great experience to be there. Good shot in the arm.
- Nikolas Kosach
good event. it gets your battery charged. many speakers giving saying the same message. worth attending
- Steven Grossman
Motivating, great strategies to make you grow
- Sona Dominova
What's better than hearing from the Top Producers in the business how they are doing it? NOTHING
- Gerald Maguire
A chance to refocus on increasing your business both with new ideas and motivational skills.
- Sandra Stephens
It was well worth attending and had some really good information.
- Henry Rackliff
It was a great experience and i look forward to going back next year.
- Patrick Avram
It can expand what you thought was possible in your business.
- Tony Guaraldi
Good information with some entertainment to keep you engaged. Also, the best motivational speaker on the planet to boot.
- Michael Bjork
A great way to motiviate and improve your business.
- Ladelle White
Good reinforcement
- Kevin Laffey
Good personal growth ideas. Good for team building
- Walter Dempsey
Breakthrough, game changing event.
- Amiel Steuerman
a well needed kick in the pants
- Mark Everett
Life changing for the better. I can't wait to return after a year under my belt.
- Louise Fontaine
Gotta go
- Tuan Nguyen
Tons of energy and a great way to recharge!
- David Austin
Fantastic event that helps you really look at your business model and time use and make adjustments.
- Joe Berg
Great forum for learning
- James Mooney
Inspiring, productive, great team building time, great way to re focus on goals.
- Nicole Martin
Well worth the time and money
- Cindy Lane
Energizing and informative
- Tara Johnson
A good place to get some great ideas!!
- Broch Lassig
Information overload (but in a good way)!
- David Bailey
Great industry leaders. Tony Robbins was better that I expected. Scott Foreman? from the CORE provided me personally with the the best content. Brian Buffini was great as well as Rick Ruby.
- Scott Forman
a gathering of minds, differant views of how to do business, you should find someone that you can relate to.
- John Flemming
Was very helpful, gave me some new insight and reminded me about things that I stopped doing in the past.
- Marco Soriano
A great opportunity to get focused on building your business.
- Ron Steele
Well worth the time, go!
- Greg Hodges
Good program to get your motoir running again. Lots of info.Take a couple of ideas and run.
- Regan Hyde
A great place to find new strategies.
- Nicole LeBoeuf
- James Delay
Valued education. Opportunity to learn and compete with the best.
- Thomas Blattau
Great information
- Frank Kenny
Alot of emphasis on team building and coaching. Very posiitve and upbeat sessions.
- Victoria Robles
crucial to ever become a top performer
- LeRoy Romero
Very informative. Worth the time and expense
- Lew Carr
Back to basics that we all know but get lazy on
- Sean Psaradelis
Very Informative and motivating. Great spealers.
- Billy Woolridge
Great event and everyone needs to go every year.
- Steve Cathey
Reenforcing the basics of what you need to do to create a succussful business. Good info if you use it.
- Ken Schmidt
An opportunity to hear tons of top performers explain how they do it.
- Nelson Barss
This is a must fro anyone wanting to take production to next level
- Jim Snyder
A time to step out of the day to day grind and open up your mind to growing your business in the future.
- Amy Wilemon
- Adrianb Mora
Not to be missed next year
- Nina Barycza
Packed with valuable content.
- Chris Frost
A great group of leaders we can all learn from.
- Paul Berkley
- Kimberly Moccia
- Sean Browning
A way to reconnect to your goals.
- Paula Leavitt
good content, you can get at least 3-5 ides to implement once you go back to work.
- George Kalis
Absolutely awesome!
- Damon Burns
a great time to see where we need to continue growing our purchase business. Grow, grow, grow, grow....
- Dustin Bingaman
It was informative and motivating
- Laurence Heisler
Great value, lots of content
- Jeffery Bither
Exciting, informative and motivational
- Edward Stokes
Great event, you should attend if you are serious about growing you busines
- Randy Koerner
energizing, quality coaching, worth wile
- Tai Boutell
Wonderful experience full with knowledge, choices, ways to learn, grow, and build to be successful. Very inspirational, but so much that you will need breaks.
- Stacy Katz
Really great. I learned a lot and want to make some changes to my team.
- Jan Hassell
- Kris Udy
Great Program
- Jim Massey
- Mark McGinnis
An event that will give you the opportunity to explore other work habits that are successful and reap the rewards of those who have had massive success with those programs, tools & mind sets.
- BJ Reeves-Kempf
great information
- Matt Hennessy
A bunch of great ideas from several top producers, and it all comes down to Prospect, Prospect, Prospect.
- Joe Ramis
This is an excellent way to learn great ideas to improve production and implement them
- James VanVleck
awesome, invigorating, exciting
- Jennifer Spees
If you want to know where to grow be there.
- Greg Wilcox
IF you are a professional, then you need to attend it is not an option.
- Ann Langston
It was excellent. Time very well spent.
- Karen Pryor
Lot's of great information that can transform your life and take you to the next level.
- Robert Jennings
More inforamtion and seminars than you attend
- Carrie Nash
an opportunity to hear from some of the top producers in our industry and come up with tactics and action plans to increase your business.
- Shane Vergari
Excellent energy and reminders on how to do business effectively.
- Shauna Schraft
An event where the atmosphere is great, the people are terrific, the program is run very well and efficiently, and you can come out learning several strategies. However I would not recommend attending all sessions as evidenced by my ratings.
- Chad Freeman
worth the money
- Armando Sanchez
- Brad Woodis
Enthusiastically motivational!
- Jeff Garland
It's's in Vegas
- Dan Snyder
- Richard Pollock
- Adam Tice
- Clemente Rincon
Worth your time and money to attend.
- Annette Alvarez
fabulous, energizing and a total refocus of how to do business
- Kris Alcorn
Dynamic and motivating
- Gina Chavez
well worth their time away from the office. it is nice to hear positive info on our industry instead of all the negative stuff out there. very motivational, you would think it would intimidate us with all those giant production numbers, but I felt right at home and supported beyond belief.
- Craig Boudreaux
A must attend event!
- Chris Garza
Learn from successful professionals in the industry with tangible systems that work
- Todd Avakian
Bang for the Buck, would go again. Loved the Tony Robbins element.
- Teresa Tims
Great experience and worth attending every year!
- Lee Welbanks
Good content for the price
- Jenay Bowen
I thought the event was great and I got a lot out of it!
- Scott Ask
Well worth their time and $ to invest in themselves and company.
- Christine McGinnis
absolutely the very best conference that I have ever been to. You must go next year.
- Judy Naccarato
Fun with some good info
- Mike Schults
Great experience to see what's possible in the industry.
- Ben Webster
Rocks! If you attend the rigth sessions.
- Aini Haider
- Nicole Walker
Highly educational, informative, really thought provoking.
- Tawni Layne
valueable information
- Ron Cook
A great motivational event
- Rachel Versteeg
Don't go if you aren't serious about your career
- Kenton Powell
It was great!! Loved it.
- Dan Hunt
Excellent Tips for Success!
- Ramon Hernandez
Great event packed with more than you can take away. Pick and choose what you really bite into and digest. Really worth the time and effort to attend.
- Andrew Paul
A great event with a lot of excellent material. If you want to get rich, do exactly as the presenters say and you will succeed.
- Earl Schmidt
It was a great place to get excited about what we do and learn that growing your business is simple...get back to basics.
- Thomas Stone
A pumped up two day seminar with some great speakers and none that I felt were a waste of time. It kicks you if your being lazy.
- Josh Amescua
worth the money
- John Staples
Absolutely awesome!!
- Edward Collins
Energizing and definitely worth it
- Melanie Rowe
Great place to sharpen your ax
- Eric Union
Overall good. the CORE people and Tony Robbins were great.
- Keli Carr
I would advise them to attend because it's eye opening to see how top producers work.
- Willie Everett
Action packed
- Kathy Petty
A must attend event
- Kevin Bent
Worthwhile. Good value for the money. Good energy. Well organized
- Dennis Giannetti
Great place to learn how to increase production and help rejevenate your drive for greatness!
- John Donnelly
- Mark Erickson
Outstanding Worthwhile
- Michael Graber
Must go to take your business to next level. Its not about managing a pipeline, its about running a consistant business.
- Ellie Fogle
a must attend event
- Rick Loveall
Terrific, well worth the money. Everyone was great, but Rick Ruby was amazing. My life and career will be better because I went to this even. Thank you!
- William Joyner Sr
a collection of the best industry minds and producers.
- Daniel Coleman
A must do!!!
- John Flavin
A great experience if you want take your business to the next level.
- Annette Diaz
I found it to be beneficial.
- Amy Samsal
A lot of great information you can easily find 3-5 action items that will improve your business
- Amy Sharpless
A Must
- Brian Brennan
Good way to get your head back in the mindset of prospecting and teambuilding
- Per Moerkeseth
Powerful! Very Implementable
- Renee Serface
Opportunity to hear the best and brightest in our industry.
- Kevin Liske
Can't miss event
- Matthew Jablonski
a lot of great information to help gain business
- Paul Murtha
Excellent power booster
- Thomas Fadden
Worth the trip, Ruby, Robbins and DeLeon were great!!
- Simon Subirias
Good information about where the markets are headed. Good information about systems.
- Christy Schmitt
Refreshing and very motivating!!!
- Francisco Flores
It was great for an infusion of new ideas and hearing from others outside our normal day to day.
- Frank Blakeley
- Kelly Horgan
A great place to be able to hear ideas, thought and about systems of top producers. A great reminder of what we should be doing on a daily basis.
- Tony Russo
It was very encouraging! Gave me the motivation I really needed!
- Marleen Barlow
- Lisa Welch
a revival
- Duane Espinoza
Great way to learn a foundation to a life long business.
- Tim George
- Larry Juszczak
You should not have missed this conference it was right on target!
- Carolyn Plasterer
For a beginner it great path to a successful career. For a pro, a great opprtunity to tune up.
- Mark Palmer
- Chris Howell
- Mark Sipe
Powerful Inspiring & Wealth of useful knowledge New ideas to implement to grow your business
- Kevin Beck
it is very informative and the panel gives you drive to do better and you see proof in front of you of their hard work and their payoff - you can sift through what will work for you on your scale and location
- Sandra Mark
Perfect venue to take your business to the next level
- John Murray
- Joe Metzl
Good to recharge the batteries and come away with useful info to implement in your business
- Jason Jenkins
- John Braida
An outstanding investment in your business. Well worth your time!
- Barb Marcinkowski
- Rachel Barsness
Amazing, inspiring, motivating. Got me fired up.
- Omar Michel
Impactful! Many new strategies to implement! Really a great time with my comrads!
- Julie Yarbrough
A must attend, hands-down..
- Brad Wagner