Cardinal Financial

Brent Hicks

With an impressive personal loan production surpassing $1.5 Billion, Brent’s experience and knowledge in mortgage lending are unparalleled. His achievements have earned him a formidable nationwide reputation and a place in the Scotsman Guide’s Top 50 Loan Originators.

Brent’s journey in the mortgage industry began over 25 years ago as an originator. He then progressed to managing his own branch, which led to establishing a thriving division. Currently serving as Executive Vice President and Retail Divisional Leader at Cardinal Financial, Brent brings a wealth of expertise and insight to his role.  His exceptional leadership and proficiency in the field make him an indispensable asset to the organization and an inspiration for aspiring mortgage professionals.

  An avid traveler, Brent loves exploring new places around the world with his wife, Stacy. His passion for the outdoors is evident in his hobbies, which include hiking and biking. These activities keep him physically active and provide him with the mental clarity and inspiration he brings back to his professional life.

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