Brian Covey is the EVP of Strategy & Development at Revolution Mortgage, a leading mortgage

lender that is revolutionizing the industry with a culture of excellence, innovation, and customer

service. He is also a Certified Mortgage Advisor, a Mortgage Action Alliance Member, and a

U.S. Soccer Federation coach.

With over 20 years of experience in leading and growing high-performing teams, Brian has a

proven track record of delivering consistent results and exceeding expectations. He achieved a

10x growth in his previous regional production, taking it from $245M to $2.45B in less than five

years. He is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to find their competitive edge

and unlock their potential. He shares his insights and lessons on his top-rated podcast, Finding

Your Competitive Edge, and his bestselling book, Conversations with Covey. He is also a

sought-after speaker and contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Housing Wire, and Today


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