Scott Harris

Scott Harris is a CEO, keynote speaker, and author of “Create WOW Customer Experiences: CX 2.0”. In 2015, Scott capitalized on his 25 years of technology experience in real estate, mortgage and marketing to launch SocialSurvey, a fully automated Customer Experience Platform.
The company was rebranded in 2021 to Experience.com to coincide with the release of a totally new and vastly more powerful CX platform that empowers businesses to put Customer and Employee Experience in motion to drive real-time business outcomes. Sharing what he knows as a leader, speaker and author fuels his desire to keep growing and help companies get better.
In 2024 Experience.com is rolling out 20 million profiles for professionals in verticals such as financial services, law, medicine and personal services. Experience.com is now the place to go to find and refer the best professionals.
If you ask Scott what he does, he will likely describe himself as a “Dad” and as his company’s “Chief Storyteller.” Whether at home with his children and grandchild, or at work with a growing family of employees, he tries to bring passion, joy and direction into the lives of everyone around him.
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